About Us

Learn about our FREE dumpster rental and us:

Learn about our FREE dumpster rental and us:

In April 2021, my wife and I started this dumpster rental business. The idea behind this business was I wanted to offer cheap rentals in the Tuscaloosa area with professional, friendly service. We wanted to show customers that dealing with a dumpster company does not mean they need to deal with dirty and smelly dumpsters and even employees. As a customer you should be able to have a clean cut, friendly, and professional person as well as a clean dumpster that does not smell. You also should not just be a number and get a recording where it is impossible to talk to human. In the few months that we have been open for business, I have met some great customers and thankfully, they have loved us and recommended us. We believe the biggest way to build your business is through honesty and word of mouth. That is hard to find today in the world we live in. We believe there are still good people in the world who mean well and deserve to be treated well.

This brings us to the free dumpster rental idea. This is an idea that is unheard of (especially in this industry). We love to help people, especially people who just need a break in life. People who are down on their luck, maybe lost a job, got divorced, have gotten sick, or just need that little break in life where someone can help them out. We have all needed that at some point. We feel this free service will also be great for victims of Domestic Violence who are trying to build a new life. This idea for free dumpster rentals is because of my mother was once homeless living in a tent. When my sister was born, she also lived in that tent in the mountains of Pennsylvania. She needed that break at one time. She is no longer with us, but she did get that break in life, and I want to be that person who helps others and PAY IT FORWARD. I am fortunate enough to be able to pay my bills and am blessed enough to be able to offer free services to help others.

We currently are only offering a 3-yard dumpster for free to people in need. You can see what it looks like on our website under "pricing". We also have 7-yard and 15-yard dumpsters which you can see under the "pricing" tab. We also allow you to fill up the bed of our pick-up truck if more space is needed (See picture on the website). If our philosophy takes off and there is great demand for our service, we intend to purchase more dumpsters and in larger sizes. Until then, if you fill up our dumpster and have more stuff to put in it, you can fill up the bed of our pick-up truck and/or we can empty the dumpster and bring it back to you.

To receive our free dumpster, we have the following requirements to make this all work. We work on the honor system. We like to trust people and like we stated before, we believe there are still good honest people in this world. If you really are financially ok and don't need a free dumpster, please do not take advantage. Our normal pricing is under the "Pricing" tab. If you need a free dumpster, just let us know. We will never question you. We trust you and are here to help you.

Requirements for the free dumpster:

  1. If we find there is a high demand, please be flexible with scheduling. We will do everything we can to accommodate you.
  2. We require you to pay the dump fee. Figure this will be $40. This will be the only required amount to pay and it also helps with gas to tow your dumpster to the dump and your location.
  3. No other payment is expected. However, to keep this free service going for everyone, if you can give any kind of tip, it will always be appreciated. If you cannot, it is ok. It is not expected. Tips will go towards gas to deliver the dumpsters, gas to take them to the dump yard to empty them, dumpster maintenance, towards helping cover costs for other customers who may not be able to afford to tip for the usage of our dumpsters, and towards purchasing more dumpsters to help more people. Basically, we are trying to PAY FORWARD the help that we can to everyone.

Ways you can help us help others:

  • You can contact us and donate money to pay for rentals for other people. 
  • Spread the word on what we offer. Maybe you know someone who can use this break. Maybe you work at a radio or TV station and want to donate some airtime and advertise us and what we do for Tuscaloosa County. 
  • Sponsorships. Maybe you own a company and want to sponsor us and have your business listed on our website. All sponsorships will be advertised on our website, advertised on our Facebook page, and advertised on our YouTube channel. We will help you sell your product and let everyone know that you are also helping people in tough times. 
  • Do you work with or know someone who works with victims of Domestic Violence? Let them know we are here to help them. 
  • Maybe you know someone who has clothes or furniture to donate. We can pick it up and try and find families who need donations. Any good items that we do not have a person or family for, we will generally take the items to the Salvation Army and/or sell items to raise money to keep helping others. We do not take items to Goodwill who sell them for profit. 
  • If this business idea takes off and we need to purchase more dumpsters, maybe you have a safe location to store our dumpsters on wheels.

Every Christmas!

For every time a 3-yard dumpster is rented, we will set aside $5 from that rental into a savings account. For every time a 15-yard dumpster is rented, we will set aside $10 from that rental into the savings account. In December, we will take all the money in that account and either donate it to a children's hospital or we will use it to buy a bunch of toys and donate all of the toys to kids who will normally have no Christmas. For 2021, the money will be going to St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

Please remember to spread the word about us and all that we are trying to accomplish. We do have a Facebook page and YouTube channel. Follow us and please share our page. We will post stories on our page as they happen. Remember, we will still offer normal dumpster rentals if you are able to pay for it. Let's put pressure on other businesses to adopt our concept of "Paying it Forward." This world needs help, love, God, good people and positive thoughts. God bless you all.