Vehicle/Trailer Relocation

Don't Have a Way to Move Your Car?

Don't Have a Way to Move Your Car?

Arrange for vehicle or trailer relocation services in Tuscaloosa, AL and surrounding areas

Not everyone has the ability to tow a car or boat on their own. That's why Tight Fit Dumpsters LLC offers assistance to clients in Tuscaloosa, AL and surrounding areas who need vehicle relocation services. If your vehicle can fit the towing weight limit of a pickup truck, we'll gladly relocate it.

In addition to vehicles and boats, we also handle trailer relocations. Pricing is on a case-by-case basis. Contact us today to discuss the details of the vehicle relocation.

Prep for our relocation service

We take pride in open communication with our clients, which is why we always make sure they're aware of all the details about our services. When it comes to vehicle relocation, our team...

  • Only relocates vehicles that can move under their own power
  • Always asks for the customer's valid ID in order to secure relocation services
  • Provides pricing that varies based on where the vehicle is being relocated to
  • Filling up a pick-up truck if a dumpster is too large for your needs

You can still get an idea of potential cost before you hire us. Call 205-534-3601 now for a free estimate on vehicle or trailer relocation services.